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Removable Partial Denture

When you are missing one or more teeth, other teeth may shift to compensate for the gap in your bite. The bite pressure in your mouth may also change as a result. Removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a removable gum-colored plastic base. They require maintenance but can be a cost-effective treatment option if your prosthodontist determines that your other teeth are healthy. 


Complete Denture

Dentures that replace all of your natural teeth are called complete dentures, or full dentures. Artificial teeth are fitted onto an acrylic base that is crafted to mimic the appearance of your gums. They can be fitted to your top or bottom gum line and are held in place either by suction or an oral adhesive. Like removable partial dentures, complete dentures are removed for daily maintenance.



A common complaint from patients with traditional dentures is that they don’t easily stay in place. Dentures that slide can lead to discomfort, difficulty eating, and embarrassment. Overdentures look like traditional removable dentures, but they are supported by dental implants placed in your jawbone by an oral surgeon. On the underside of the overdenture, you will find multiple locators that attach to an implant abutment. Depending on your oral anatomy, an oral surgeon will place two to four implants for stabilization. A new denture is created to fit on top of them, or your current denture is retrofitted so that it snaps into place.


Hybrid/Implant-Retained Denture 

Implant-retained dentures are also known as “teeth in a day.” Unlike traditional dentures that can easily slide, implant-retained dentures are anchored by dental implants placed in your jawbone. Your prosthodontist will then fix a full dental bridge into place with small screws.  Implant-retained dentures do not need to be removed, and they can also be brushed and flossed just like real teeth.

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